SKH Partnership

Doctor Partnership
Partnerships are at the foundation of the SKH philosophy. From the partnership among the doctors, through partnering with patients, technology and our community, we realize that leveraging diverse strengths is a key to success.

Dental Care Centre
The Dental Care Centre Mission: To balance the promotion of optimal home oral health care with a focused contribution to the lives of individuals in our community.

Our Dental Care Centre is an "in-house" boutique for oral health care products.
Each year an area of need is identified in our local community, where all profits from the Dental Care Centre are directed. Selecting one area of need provides us with an area of focus in order to have a maximum impact.

In 2018, we were happy to support Lupus Ontario with the proceeds from our Dental Care Centre.

In past years we have supported Out of the Cold programs, House of Friendship, Anselma House, Kidsability, Grand River Hospital, MS Canada, and numerous others. We are pleased to be able to create an arrangement that benefits both our patients and the community within which we live.